FACTfit was launched on the 10th April by Brad Fisher, owner and head trainer of Norwich Fitness Club, Brad has always recognised the need to keep fitness relevant, up to date and most importantly fun at the same time as being challenging.

Our Functional Assault Course Training provides a tailored approach to assault course-specific fitness. From Mucky Races to Tough Mudder events, mud running presents an increasingly popular alternative to conventional fitness challenges.

Brad says “I’ve recently started competing in these kinds of races and I came away realising there was a need for training and preparation in taking part which is when the idea of FACTfit was formed. I wanted my clients to benefit from the right type of training and FACTfit is a way to enable them to see how much they can achieve whilst giving them the confidence to sign up for a race they never imagined they could do”

Our fun and effective training classes are designed to give you the tools to tackle the task. Mud running requires a combination of high-intensity cardiovascular fitness and resistance strength. From pull and push-ups to crawling and climbing, FACTfit classes will ensure you’re race ready.

Here’s what one of our first FACTfit clients had to say “Janean Lillie BSc Hons “FACTfit took me well out of my comfort zone but the atmosphere was amazing everyone was so supportive and encouraging i really enjoyed it. I have several goals to work towards now. Thank you so much Bradley was a fantastic class, see you next week!!

We recognise that one of the powerful aspects to this kind of training is Team and we are proud to say the team spirit at FACTfit is fantastic and no one will stand alone but will feel part of the team as everyone cheers each other on and celebrates together along the way! There is no better place to be on a Friday night than getting out of your comfort zone, smashing challenges and reaching new goals together, oh and making new friends!

Classes will be held at Fully Pumped, an amazing American-style gym situated on Mile Cross Road in the heart of Norwich. Taking place in a specially designed, private, functional fitness room, this revolutionary class offers realistic reconstructed training at its best.

For £5 per session, our classes are open to everyone and to all abilities on a pay-as-you-go basis, while Norwich Fitness Club and Fully Pumped Gym members can come along at the cut-price cost of £4 per class.

No class is ever the same! New classes being added due to popularity.