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All classes pay as you go FOR JUST £5 or SIGN UP TO OUR monthly membership FOR AS LITTLE AS £36.

Why Norwich Fitness Club?

Our classes offer a tried and tested way to get fit, lose weight and feel great. Burning an average of 850 calories per session, you can set your sights on a slimmer, healthier you.

Our fitness programme goes the distance. Each week you’ll be put through a challenging and varied workout with paired exercises, circuits, strength work and running. The different sessions will help to sustain your motivation and enthusiasm and ensure that this regime will be the one you maintain.

With the encouragement of your instructor and the camaraderie and support of likeminded individuals, your achievements are sure to exceed your expectations.


What are the benefits?

Feel at home in the Great Outdoors or in our very own private studio!

Train with us and you’ll benefit from an enhanced workout afforded by the elements and varied terrain. Engaging with your natural environment will leave you revitalised, more energetic and enjoying a greater sense of wellbeing. Natural surroundings are a proven mood booster. So blow away the blues, embrace the elements and you’ll soon find you’re in yours.

Join our group and you won’t be going it alone.

Working out with others may be daunting for some, but you’ll soon feel part of the group. We’re a pretty friendly bunch and the support and encouragement of others will help you go the distance. The group dynamic encourages you to give your all, enabling you to get the most out of the experience and get fitter faster.

Our instructors lead, explain, guide, and motivate you through each session and classes are tailored to meet the needs of every member.


Take the challenge!

Our classes offer a complete body workout. Through team and individual exercises, circuits and games, your speed, agility, strength and stamina are all set to improve. Every aspect of each class is a challenge, but the variety and pace of the exercises means your motivation won’t be dulled by repetition.

The best way to make the most of your membership is by pushing your boundaries. Challenge yourself, break out of your comfort zone and bring out the best in your body.

Our focus is on great teaching, coupled with the expertise and enthusiasm of our trainers, who ensure you perform to the best of your ability. Small class sizes ensure you can’t skip exercises or skulk at the back. You’ll be in safe hands, flexing all the right muscles and no-one is left out in the cold!


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We spread ourselves about!

As you can see by our map.  We have spread ourselves across Norwich.  So find out where we are and feel free to join us.


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