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45 minute sessions where you can experience first hand anything from flipping tyres, barrel runs to swinging kettle bells, improving core strength and general fitness.

Come and try our popular tyre drag and enjoy the "real outdoor experience"

RUNNING CLUB - Fitness & Endurance

A great class to improve your running fitness, with hill sprints and longer distance running mixed in.


Not your typical boxing class! Five rounds of boxing to challenge every fitness level, working the whole body and mind. Best remedy for stress!

Come and meet other Boxcampers who have caught the boxing bug.

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Your fitness journey starts here
Why Norwich Fitness Club?

We offer both outdoor and indoor classes from Bootcamp to Boxing making sure sessions are suitable for all fitness levels, challenging the most advanced to encouraging the person new to exercise enabling them to enjoy seeing and feeling their progress.

With being very people orientated we make sure our clients learn as well as increase their fitness, strength and confidence.

By keeping our classes small we are able to make sure technique is key enabling our clients to experience real results, reducing risk of injury but giving an effective workout.

With the encouragement of your trainer and the camaraderie and support of a great team of people your achievements are sure to exceed your expectations along with finding real fun in keeping fit.

We also offer Personal Training from our private studio, some like to add Personal Training in with our sessions as it gives that extra 121 attention where you can work on your goals.

What are the benefits?

Train with us and you’ll benefit from an enhanced workout which we change regularly but also keep our focus on your goals.

Natural surroundings are a proven mood booster. So blow away the blues, embrace the elements and you’ll soon find you’re in yours with our outdoor bootcamps.

Join our group and you won’t be going it alone.

Working out with others may be daunting for some, but you’ll soon feel part of the group. We’re a friendly bunch and the support and encouragement of others will help you go the distance. The group dynamic encourages you to give your all, enabling you to get the most out of the experience and get fitter faster.

Our instructors lead, explain, guide, and motivate you through each session and classes are tailored to meet the needs of every member.

Most importantly we really do care, whether you are exercising to aid your mental health or for general physical fitness we make sure we have you in mind when running our sessions.

Take the challenge!

Our classes offer a complete body workout.

Every aspect of each class is a challenge, but the variety and pace of the exercises means your motivation won’t be dulled by repetition.

The best way to make the most of your membership is by pushing your boundaries. Challenge yourself, break out of your comfort zone and bring out the best in your body.

Our focus is on great teaching, coupled with the expertise and enthusiasm of our trainers, who ensure you perform to the best of your ability.

Join our NO CONTRACT NO JOINING FEE membership to help make sure you stick to a month of workouts or have the flexibility of pay as you go for £5.

Will you rise to the challenge and come and join the team? You wont regret it, we make YOU our focus!

We train in various locations As you can see by our map. We have spread ourselves across Norwich. So find out where we are and feel free to join us. View where we train